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village and home founder

I am the founder of Village and Home, which was founded in 2019. I am married and a mother of 3. I was born in South Africa and have lived in the UK all of my adult life. My husband is British born and of Nigerian heritage. We live in Epsom, Surrey but I have lived in Leeds and various areas in London.

I started Village and Home because I saw a gap in the market in cultural themed homeware. I feel that it is important to see home decor that reflects and celebrates black culture. I have always loved home decor and I wanted to start a business in an industry that I loved. Village and Home sells a range of kitchenware i.e. tea towels, aprons, oven gloves, napkins, placemats and coasters. Our products feature foods used in African Caribbean cooking e.g. plantain design, okra and scotch bonnet pepper. We also have a 3 legged pot design, which is used in traditional Southern African cooking and a Ghanian kente design which incorporates cooking utensils.

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