Wellness Edition Forubox by Nikita Akilapa



This Forubox was curated by wellness specialist, Nikita Akilapa.

A senior yoga & meditation teacher, Nikita is focused on promoting mind-body-spirit health. Nourishing self-care is a core aspect of her teachings.

Nikita Akilapa has teamed up with Forubox to bring you a limited-Edition Wellness gift box worth over £100, containing 5 items handpicked by Nikita to share with you in a quest to make our wellbeing a number one priority.

“In today’s society, we need to take our wellness seriously. Tending to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health is absolutely essential. I love every single product in this Forubox, all selected from british black owned brands that I believe in. I hope this box makes it easier for you to practice some radical self care today” ~ Nikita Akilapa.



Guided Meditation From Nikita Akilapa – Exclusive to the Wellness Edition Forubox

A meditation for practicing self-care

Daughters of Botany – Herbal Infused Tea

Daughters of Botany is a lifestyle community that embraces the power of botanicals through Tea.

The antioxidants and vitamins in tea are known to help you unwind while boosting your immune system and protect against oxidative stress.

YouMeeWee – yoga bag

YouMeeWee is the brainchild of Chantel Koning a designer and seamstress creating apparel lifestyle designs with the genius and useful ethos to be worn or used in ‘more ways than one’

The YouMeeWee yoga bag is large enough to hold a yoga mat and everything else you need with ease. Its versatile, reversible and exclusive to the FORUBOX.

Chakra Empowerment Cards

Caroline Shola Arewa is a gifted Spiritual Guide and Master of Yoga.

There are 56 Chakra cards in each pack to energise, empower, motivate, educate and affirm! The cards are designed to provide guidance whenever you need it.

The Clean Candle Club – Forest Fig

The Clean Candle Club uses beeswax and soy wax, offering a cleaner burn to soothe, heal and create a peaceful ambience.

This pre-selected Forubox would normally cost you over £100.


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