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Curated by the award-winning chef writer, sought after speaker and diversity advocate Zoe Adjonyoh, this limited-edition box contains seven products hand picked by Zoe herself.

Zoe Adjonyoh pictured smiling with her food

‘I am very excited to put together a box of a few of my favourite things. I love these brands and I am so happy you will be able to experience them all, and they are delivered right to your door.’

Zoe Adjonyoh

Visit Zoe’s website “Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen” here.


“Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen” Chocolate Plantain Chips Recipe Card

These Plantain bites are amazing and here’s how you make them!

“Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen” Salt Samplers

Generous amounts of salt blends, one pack of Okra, one of Hibiscus and one of Xtra Hot Chilli to use in Zoe’s Chocolate Plantain Chips Recipe. (50g each)

Skin Gourmet – Cocoa and Coconut Butter 

Cocoa and Coconut Butter: a unique butter that moisturizes the skin and is super light and edible! (30g)

Nin Din – CHAM CHAM Hot Pepper Sauce

The perfect condiment at a barbecue or picnic, with your eggs at breakfast, with your grilled pork chop, smothered over your roasted cauliflower, with your plantains, king prawns and aioli, stirred through rice, or as a chutney with your cheese! CHAM CHAM Hot Pepper Sauce is made from some of the hottest peppers – scotch bonnet – no artificial stuff, it’s just full of HOT stuff!!! (190g)

Village & Home – Plantain Tea Towel

A large tea towel depicting the plantain in different stages of ripeness. Green, yellow and brown plantain pattern on a white background. 100% cotton. Made in the UK. (71 x 46cm)

Zoe's Ghana Kitchen





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