Forubox – Mother & Baby, for Natural Birth Aftercare


The Forubox – Mother & Baby, for Natural Birth Aftercare is the ideal gift box for mum and baby. After the body has been stretched and stressed, it needs a chance to regroup. Mum Bub Hub naturally soothing perineal Spray and Balm is infused with natural herbs and skin loving oils to sooth tender, bruised or swollen skin after birth. Coupled with nourishing skin oil this box makes a great healing solution.

This forubox includes:

Mum Bub Hub Perineal Spray
Mum Bub Hub Perineal Balm
Mum Bub Hub Nourishing Skin Oil
Mum Bub Hub Postpartum Planner
Mum Bub Hub “Tips for your Postpartum Bathroom Trips!”
Louvoshine baby bib (colour may vary)
Louvoshine teething ring (colour may vary)
Tihara Smith card

If your loved one has had a caesarean birth, we suggest sending them a “Forubox – Mother & Baby, for Natural Birth Aftercare”


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