Welcome to FORUBOX. 

The gift box service offering hand-picked products from black-owned businesses!

Lets give back by gifting forward!

All the products we include in our Forubox are from black-owned businesses. When you buy a Forubox you are not only helping support black-owned businesses you are also boosting the purchasing power of the black community.

We hope that each person who receives a Forubox will feel compelled to either hand out their gifts to someone who may like them, hand out some of the handy product info-cards we include in every box or buy a box for someone else to continue the movement and strengthen the chain.

We want to show that black-owned businesses are not just making niche products for black people, they are for everybody.


Ceramic Masks from Freya Bramble-Carter & Chris Bramble

Exclusively designed for Forubox, these ceramic masks from Freya Bramble-Carter and Chris Bramble are a great way to start a collection of their work.

These beautiful masks from Freya and her father are sculpted by hand, press moulded then glazed in a collection of tones and ranges from gloss to satin.


Ceramic Masks from Freya Bramble-Carter and Chris Bramble

Forubox: Mothers' Day Edition

Picking something luxurious and affordable for your mum on Mothers’ Day can be difficult… so we’ve tried to help by creating this amazing box!

Mother & Baby, for Natural Birth Aftercare

The ideal gift box for mum and baby.

The box contains a variety of treatments to sooth tender, bruised or swollen skin after birth. As well as a bib and teething ring for the baby.

This gift will show that you understand the importance of the experiences of both mum and baby.

Forubox Wellness Edition by Nikita Akilapa

Nikita Akilapa has teamed up with Forubox to bring you a limited-Edition Wellness gift box worth over £100, containing 5 items handpicked by Nikita to share with you in a quest to make our wellbeing a number one priority.

Contains an EXCLUSIVE versatile yoga bag from YouMeeWee.com, only available at Forubox.com


We’ve selected and tested our products to ensure they not only beautiful, but useful in every day life

We have selected a number of Foruboxes for you

From the affordable to the luxury gift box… Forubox is a great way to spread everyday items made by black owned companies



"I want to tell everyone about it but I can't, because they're all getting one for Christmas"

"It was so beautifully wrapped, I didn't want to unpack it"

"We get so many presents sent to the kids, FINALLY a box of gifts all to myself!"

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